[thelist] Make image series wrap where I want?

incoming at kubaton.com incoming at kubaton.com
Mon Feb 10 11:12:01 CST 2003

>why not just...
><img src="1.gif"><img src="2.gif">
>then it'll wrap/break automatically for you.
>Kind regards, Liam Delahunty

Because then it will sometimes break after the first or the third image.
He only wants it to break between the 2nd and 3rd or not at all if
there's room.

>Off the top 'o me wee head:
>option 1. Make two images that look like a 1 x 4 line when side by side
>and a 2x2 square when on top of each other.
>option 2. Put the first two in a table and the second two images in
>another table.
>Erik Mattheis

1. Yeah we've thought about that but he doesn't want to change his
workflow if he doesn't have to.

2. But then there's no way for them to all display in a big line if the
browser has room


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>A friend of mine does the web comic Angel Moxie
>(http://angelmoxie.com). He used to arrange it as four panels
>in a straight line across the page. But he recently upped the
>panel size and text size to make them more readable and
>therefore arranges them in a 2x2 square instead.
>What he really wants is to be able to display them in a
>straight line if the user's browser has the room; if it
>doesn't then it should wrap after the second panel to make the
>2x2 square.
>I tried it out using <NOBR> tags but that doesn't work in
>Windows Opera 7 or Mac IE 5.5
>(http://kubaton.com/test/index.html). Does anyone know >how I
>can help him out and get it to work the way he wants?
>PS. What's the consensus on <NOBR></NOBR> and <TD nobr> tags?
>Which ones are legal, official, unsupported etc?

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