[thelist] Web Disservices (CFMX)

danielEthan daniel at ionize.net
Mon Feb 10 11:15:00 CST 2003

Web services are driving me crazy.

Every tutorial on the web shows either a) ridiculously simple web
service consumption, or b) those made with ColdFusion.

I'm trying to consume some web services, and most don't work. My errors

1. Document root element doesn't exist (because I'm not getting a valid
xml response, see #2)
2. Returns: com.host at 12345a
3. Not found (this one has to do with the port used)

The web services I'm trying to consume are all weather related:

  webservice = "http://www.ejse.com/WeatherService/Service.asmx?wsdl"
  method = "GetWeatherInfo"
  zipCode = "65641"
  returnvariable = "Weather">


  method = "getWeatherReport"
  returnvariable = "WeatherReport"
  webservice = "http://live.capescience.com/wsdl/GlobalWeather.wsdl">
  	<cfinvokeargument name = "code" value = "KROG"/>

info: http://www.capescience.com/webservices/globalweather/index.shtml

I realize both of my invoke statments are formatted differently. This
is because I've tried everything (not that I think it makes a
difference). The second service is the one where the port/binding has
to be specified. I'm unaware how to do this. I've tried creating a SOAP
call myself (using cfhttp), but always receive a connection failure.

Perhaps I was wrong thinking that you can consume any kind of service,
ColdFusion or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated (including
links to good tutorials on web services). Thanks.

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