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Me again. I found the solution to my problem:

Here's what the link should read as:
For specific installation details, contact your local <a href=#

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I'm clueless with this one, perhaps a kind soul will help. I have a standard

|frame 1                  |
|frm 2| frame 3           |
|     |                   |
|     |      opening      |
|     |    a new window   |
|     |                   |
|     |                   |

I want to point out that frame 3 has a link to open a small popup with
further "instructions." Not only do I want to close the window that popped
up, but I want the page that opened up the new window to change to something

Here's my link (that does just this):
 For specific installation details, contact your local <a
htm'" onClick="window.blur();">Representative</a>.

However, after "hiding" my popup and redirecting my opener frame, I want the
popup to close. But I can gather that Javascript commands execute before
http requests in this situation. If I add: window.close() after the ';', the
parent page does not go to the Offices page, but the popup closes.

Can you think of a way to trick the browser in this instance? Is there a
child.close() function? (answer: probably not)

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