[thelist] ColdFusion Application Variables

Raymond Camden ray at camdenfamily.com
Mon Feb 10 11:24:01 CST 2003

Just to add to this - if you are using MX, your need for cflocks is
virtualy gone. Unless you have to worry about race condtions, you can
use app vars (reading and setting) w/o cflocks.

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> I think your process of creating variables in the Application
> scope and then appending them to the request scope is one
> step too many (and with your code, is creating a pointer).
> I'd suggest creating the structures in the request scope, and
> making sure that the code that does so is executed on every request.
> The request scope, as you probably know, is available to
> everything: custom tags, UDFs, included files, etc.
> The application scope is also available, but to create
> variables within it, you must exclusively lock it. To read
> variables, you must readonly lock it.
> So, with all that said, creating all of your variables in the
> request scope is a lot more efficient, and easier to access.
> The scope isn't shared, so there's not risk of corruption,
> and no need to lock.

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