[thelist] border colour and Netscape 7

Lisa Frost lisa at koolfish.com
Mon Feb 10 16:29:14 CST 2003

Jay advised:

<table border="0" style="border:1px solid #AFBA65;">

That should leave the border off in NN 4 (I think) and style it
appropriately for most other browsers.

I don't have NN 7 on this computer, so I can't test it right now -
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hi Jay,
The above works in Netscape 7. and like you say leaves the border off in
Netscape 4. I need the border on though and also I want a horizontal
line between each row to separate the content of each row so this won't
really work for me.

Can any body tell me , will I have to resort to using one pixel gifs to
get the effect I want or is there another way I can achieve the effect
of "bordercolor" for both IE and Netscape



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