[thelist] (yet another) site check, please

j.d. welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Mon Feb 10 16:46:01 CST 2003

[sorry for cross-post to css-d, but i'd really like the feedback from
both groups]

i've been working on my personal site (http://kitschparade.ath.cx)
lately and have had some interesting challenges in trying to make its
various elements happy with each other.  in addition to the pages i've
written, the site uses Movable Type and a php gallery application
(gallery.sf.net).  unfortunately, the gallery outputs a yucky nested
table disaster (and doesn't write alt tags), but i like the backend too
much to a) use something else* or b) spend a week hacking it into
something better.
on the happy side, with a minimum of futzing i got the movable type
pages validate (yay).

there are three stylesheets, /common.css, /blog/site-styles.css and
/gallery/standalone_style.css.  /common gets @imported into the other
two in attempt to effectively leverage cascading and inheritance and
unite the style of several rather dispirate systems.

so: does it work?  beyond the technical, is there a strong sense of
consistent style? the site looks best in safari and the gecko browsers,
and degrades badly in netscape 4, but i'm fine with this; the browsers
listed on http://webstandards.org/act/campaign/buc/ are a rough target.
fwiw, there are screenshots of the 'correct' (intended) rendering at

please report on any errors with windows/linux/other-unix browsers and
any general commentary you have. i'm also curious how others have
handled similar situations, since it seems to me a more challenging
exercise than starting from scratch.



*= unless: is there anything comparable that outputs better html?

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