[thelist] reworded MySQL query insert and back again

Andrew Maynes andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Mon Feb 10 17:17:02 CST 2003

Hi Rudy

Are you being serious or have I asked something really dumb?

what I don't understand is why the pulled the records dispaly


 and when orange is selected 4 gets inserted into the table :( if cName displays
the colours why is it inserting the value (4) into the temp_table instead of
what it is diplaying (orange) arrhhh head spinning ... ok I will sleep on it

permission granted to print my nonsense :)

thanks for responding Rudy


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>hi andrew
>> I have a table that holds all the records for items.
>> Each item has a colour and a size
>> and could have more than one colour and size.
>can an item have a colour but not a size?  size but not colour?  neither?
>> So tables have been created to keep records for each item's
>> colour and size.
>>   ref_colours ref_size  hold the names and
>>   item_colour item_size hold item - colour item -size relationship.
>> When an item is displayed its respective colours and sizes
>> are pulled using ...
>>    select ref_size.* from item_size ,ref_size
>>        where ref_size.size_id=item_size.size_id
>>           and item_size.item_id=$item_id
>you seem to have the sql down pat
>> when this item is selected by the visitor the item is held in a
>> temporary table.
>i don't understand why, but then, i don't understand a lot
>> The colour and size are held in this table as
>> size and colour but as the value not as the name, so when
>> called back from the temp file I am getting the value
>> not the name ie: 1 instead of blue.
>if i understand you (and my ability to understand is open to question at the
>best of times), you are not doing something right, but i can't -- yet -- see
>what it is
>> I guess I can do one f two things: I create a query to convert
>> the value back to the name or the insert instread of being the
>> value is the actual colour and size, unfortunately my head is
>> starting to spin and will explode at any minute now !
>please, please grant me permission to quote your words in an article i am
>planning on database design -- i will probably not give your name (unless
>you want me to)
>your database design looks okay, but i'd like to confirm something first
>no, you would not want to "create a query to convert the value back"
>> oh this is the insert value if some can just spot an obvious error
>> so that I can inmsert the name instead of the value?
>>    echo "<SELECT name=\"cName\" value=\"$cName\">";
>>    showColor($II);
>>    echo "</SELECT> ";
>actually, that looks okay
>do you have two queries, one for the item's size names, one for the item's
>colour names?
>you said "The colour and size are held in this [temporary] table"
>what exactly did you mean by this?
>if i were displaying an item, i would not need a temporary table
>  -- get item row out of item table
>  -- display item fields
>  -- get item sizes using item id
>  -- display item sizes
>  -- get item colours using item id
>  -- display item colours
>you said "ref_colours ref_size  hold the names and item_colour item_size
>hold item - colour item -size relationship"
>could you give me some sample rows?
>let's say we have
>10 widget
>11 kumquat
>12 wabbit
>210  small
>221  medium
>222  large
>399  wascawwy
>101  grey
>102  gray
>110  even grayer
>could you please illustrate your item_colour item_size relationships for the
> -- widgets are small gray, medium gray, and large even grayer
> -- kumquats are small gray and small grey
> -- wabbits are only wascawwy, no colour
>thanks and please don't forget that permission
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