[thelist] includes (sub question)

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Feb 10 17:49:01 CST 2003

From: "j.d. welch" <so.there at showtunepink.com>
Subject: Re: [thelist] includes (sub question)

: > <script src="script02.js" ##TRUNCATED SCRIPT TAG##>
: >
: > I've always been curious about those. Are those .js files containers
: > for
: > functions that take up a lot of room and just want to reference them?
: that's the only reason i know to use them.  same principle as putting
: css declarations in a .css file instead of <head><style>. code
: cleanliness mostly.


It'd also reduce the size of your "content" pages. Since the CSS (or
javascript) is held in a single, external file, it'll be cached by the


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