[thelist] asp/vbscript blogging app.

John Stoneham lyric at lyrically.net
Mon Feb 10 18:16:55 CST 2003

> i've been searching and searching... movable type looks
> really nice but i don't want to install MySQL just to test it
> out. a long time ago i used an asp/vbscript based blogger but
> now i can't find it.

Given that Moveable Type is Perl-based, it generally runs more naturally on
a Unix environment (though I imagine it can be made to work under Cygwin or
Windows Perl). Notably, though, Movable Type does not REQUIRE MySQL - it was
originally written for Berkeley DB (Perl module DB_File), and was only
recently ported to work with MySQL as well (the upcoming 2.6 release is
planned to work with PostgreSQL and SQLite).

All you really need to run MT is Perl 5.004_04+, custom CGI access (cgiwrap
works fine), and DB_File.

- John

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