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I've seen both, but haven't used either extensively. From what I know about
them, they are two very different products.

CommonSpot is a full fledged Content Management System. It does quite a bit
but costs around $30,000-$40,000 if I recall correctly.

Contribute is a windows Application for editing web sites, much like
Dreamweaver, or Frontpage but its designed for people who don't know HTML,
or much at all actually. This will work well if your site is entirely static
(your not using ColdFusion, PHP, JSP, ASP, etc). But if you want to store
content in a database, or apply any sort of business logic or validation to
the content your out of luck.

There is a third type of solution, and here's where the bias comes in
because my company makes such a product. WYSIWYG editors that run in the web
browser... they basically replace a text area with a HTML editor. You can
then apply what ever logic you want to the contents when the form is posted
(save to a file, database, email it, etc).
Our product - ActivEdit: http://www.cfdev.com/activedit/

Pete Freitag

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Does anyone here have any experience with either or both of these software
products for allowing non-HTML-savvy people to create and/or update site
content without messing up the site's code, styles, accessibility, etc.?

CommonSpot -- http://www.paperthin.com/Products/Index.cfm
Contribute -- http://www.macromedia.com/software/contribute/

Anna Peekstok
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