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Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 11 09:06:01 CST 2003

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An interesting development:
The stylesheet calls below does not work in http://sportsmenafield.com/index.php
It should be the same as http://sportsmenafield.com/index.html

<link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="00.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="01.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="__0all.css">

I have made a little progress in PHP...finding that the php calls to the stylesheets were not wrapped in script tags.
Source: http://resma.net/tutorials/php/phpbasics.php

<script language=php>
   // js file(s) to write:
   $js  = array('script01.js','script02.js');

   // css file(s) to write:
   $css  = array('stylesheet01.css','stylesheet02.css');

Hopefully, this change will make the stylesheet control the index.php page

Russell Griechen

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