[thelist] addressbook table design [sql]

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 11 10:03:42 CST 2003

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From: "Aleem Bawany" <aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca>

I'd add an "other province" field unless you are only targetting canada/usa
and will be using complete a select box with all options.  Which I doubt is
the case, as someone could be living overseas even if they went to school in

> AcademicInstitution,
> GraduationDate,
> FieldOfStudy,
> CurrentProfession,
> Hobbies,
> Affiliations: ID,
> MyPrimarySchool,
> MyHighSchool,
> MyUniversity,
> Other

The above part .. I'm not sure what your intent is.  I'm thinking that
Academic Institution, Graduation Date and Field of Study should be a part of
the Affiliations table.

And Affiliations should be a 1-to-many link back to the UserID.  Primary
School, Highschool, My University (etc.) should be a SchoolType field.

So you would have:


Aff_ID (primary key)
UserID (referenced back to your primary ID from your User table)
SchoolType (select list primary, middle, high, uni, college, trade, etc.)
Institution (e.g. school name)
FieldofStudy (specialty)

You may even want a School location (state and/or country) so that you can
narrow results down .. as it will be difficult to search by Institution
itself .. unless you work on building an Institution list .. but with the
million (guess) of possible institutions in the US/Canada that would be very
difficult,  unless of course you are targeting a very specific area/group.

Just an idea .. HTH,


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