[thelist] reworded MySQL query insert and back again

Andrew Maynes andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Tue Feb 11 10:04:13 CST 2003

Rudy I really dont think the temp_table can be removed as this contain sthe
orders of the visitor.  I could be wrong though!  If the users records are not
going to be held here until check out where will they be held?

ok the table logic is this......


ColorName  ColorName

blue		1
black 	2
green		3


id	item_id	color_id
auto	1			1
	1			2
	1			3
	2			2
	3			2
	3			3


UserID 	ItemID 	ItemQuantity 	Date 	CartItemsID 	ColorName 	size
1		1		1			ddmmyy 1				3	whatever

so the problem is the 3 I have tried almost everything except what I should have
I guess to get 'green' inserted instead of 3


>can you please make up the sample rows i asked?
>for example, i will do the second of the three ("kumquats are small gray and
>small grey") in the manner that i suspect you have designed your
>relationship table --
>11  210  102
>11  210  101
>i'll address your insert logic once i see what your table looks like
>and i remain convinced that this can all be done without a temp table
>be ready to ditch it, okay?   ;o)

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