[thelist] Who owns the domain? Registrant or Admin contact?

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Tue Feb 11 13:25:01 CST 2003

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> On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 01:58 PM, Tony Grimes wrote:
> > I'm thinking of making an offer for a domain name, but I only have
> > access to the Administration contact.
> The Registrant "owns" the domain, so the Admin contact does not
> *legally* have the authority to sell it.
> However, in practice, the Admin info is what is required to
> work with a domain, including changing the Registrant info
> (barring some ccTLDs, such as Canada's .ca), so in practice
> domains are handed back and forth with Admin info.
> If you want it to be all legit, I would suggest going through the web
> designer to get the Registrant's info. You may still have to deal with
> the web designer to get the domain in your name.

Or you could ask the Admin contact to change the Registrant info
to him/herself. When you see that this is done, then they *do* have
total control of the DN. But to be really safe, you should contact
the Registrant and make sure they agree with this transfer. You don't
want them coming back to later and accusing you of stealing their DN.
They could demand - and probably - get it back. Follow these steps
for your safest outcome:

1 - Ask Registrant for email or written confirmation that they don't
    want the domain any more and that you can deal with the Admin
    contact to get it.
2 - Have the Admin contact change the Registrant info to themselves.
3 - Process the transfer/change to you as both Registrant and Admin



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