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> An interesting development:
> The stylesheet calls below does not work in
> http://sportsmenafield.com/index.php
> It should be the same as
> http://sportsmenafield.com/index.html
> <link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="00.css">
> <link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="01.css">
> <link rel="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" href="__0all.css">
> I have made a little progress in PHP...finding that the php
> calls to the stylesheets were not wrapped in script tags.
> Source: http://resma.net/tutorials/php/phpbasics.php
> <script language=php>
>    // js file(s) to write:
>    $js  = array('script01.js','script02.js');
>    // css file(s) to write:
>    $css  = array('stylesheet01.css','stylesheet02.css');
> </script>
> Hopefully, this change will make the stylesheet control the
> index.php page
> Russell Griechen

Um.... Are you confused about something?  I'm not sure what the
problem is, or what you're talking about: PHP, JavaScript, or the
stylesheet.  What is the code supposed to do?  From the code you're
given us, it looks like all it does is make two arrays of strings,
and then doing absolutely nothing with them.

One thing I noticed is that in the array, the filesnames of the
stylesheets are "stylesheetXX.css", but when you gave us the HTML you
are using to load the stylesheets, you use the "XX.css" form (without
the prefixed string "stylesheet").  I think that may be the problem
you are hinting at, and the solution is to just make sure you are
using the correct file names for your stylesheets.

Please reply with a little more background info on what the code is
*supposed to do*.

David Bindel

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