[thelist] addressbook table design [sql]

Aleem Bawany aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Tue Feb 11 19:34:01 CST 2003

>> Affiliations: ID,
>> MyPrimarySchool,
>> MyHighSchool,
>> MyUniversity,
>> Other
> The above part .. I'm not sure what your intent is.  I'm
> thinking that Academic Institution, Graduation Date and
> Field of Study should be a part of the Affiliations table.

This is to keep track of how they know me: through highschool,
university etc. I'll add MyWork there too (soon enough).

> And Affiliations should be a 1-to-many link back to the
> UserID.  Primary School, Highschool, My University (etc.)
> should be a SchoolType field.

Right you are! I'll make it a more generic type, so as I
go along, I can add more fields in the affiliations group.

> So you would have:
> Affiliations:
> Aff_ID (primary key)
> UserID (referenced back to your primary ID from your User
> table) SchoolType (select list primary, middle, high, uni,
> college, trade, etc.) Institution (e.g. school name)
> GradYear FieldofStudy (specialty)

good idea... that's a concept I was missing out on and Jay
made a good example of it too. I'll probably end up with
something like:

AffGroup (myPrimarySchoolName, MyUniName, MyWorkplaceName etc).



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