[thelist] incorrect use of ID parameter?

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 12 00:01:03 CST 2003

Miles Tillinger wrote:
> Creating a CSS class for TD:    TD#CLASSNAME { font-weight: bold; }
> And applying it to a TD: <TD ID="CLASSNAME">hello world</TD>
> So when I run this through the validator it picks up a heap of duplicate ID
> parameter values.  I haven't noticed any bad effects of this so far, it just
> means that running my pages through the validator is a bit of a hassle!  Am
> I going to experience other problems doing things this way?

If you need to use javascript's getElementById you will, similarly if
you want to use the id as a link. Also, if you care about validation you
should change it. Easy-peasy, anyway: search for 'id="classname"'
replace with 'class="classname"'
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