[thelist] Another departure

Massimo Mezzini webmaster at menouno.com
Wed Feb 12 04:15:01 CST 2003

On 11 Feb 2003 at 22:37, Carlton James Madden wrote:

> [...]  This time my path has led me to
> print design in the armpit of nowhere

> [...] Does anyone have a favorite print
> design list?  One that is as lively and informative as this
> preferably.

You didn't say if you're going to use Quark or Adobe (either
PageMaker or InDesign), but the PageMaker list is one of the best
communities I've ever been part of. They recently had a discussion
about re-targeting the list toward more general DTP and graphics
subjects. I can't remember a time when a question went unanswered.

General info:

You can give the web page <http://www.makingpages.org/pagemaker> or
tell them to send the command "SUBSCRIBE PAGEMAKR Firstname Lastname"
(note the missing E, and substituting their name) in the body of the
mail message to <listserv at listserv.iupui.edu>. Suggest they switch
off HTML and any mail signature.


See the PageMaker FAQ
 See our Listserv FAQ

HTH, ciao


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