[thelist] reworded MySQL query insert and back again

Andrew Maynes andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 07:24:00 CST 2003

Mich that was a typo sorry about that... it should be:

ColorName  ColorID

The output looks just like a drop down box with all the colours listed :)

which is from this function / query:

function showColor($item_id)
 $query="select ref_colours.* from item_color ,ref_colours where
ref_colours.ColorID=item_color.color_id and item_color.item_id=$item_id";
	echo "Error while exeuting the query";
		echo "<option value=\"$color_id\">$cName</option>";

I think what Rudy is trying to suggest is create another query to input the
actual colour name into the table instead of the colourID but I thought I had
already done this and that all I need to do was input colorName

Clearly there is another query needed but this has thrown me.... actually it's
starting to make sense the more my head throbs :)  I'll just pop another couple
of codine


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