[thelist] Newbie Graphic Manipulation Question

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Feb 12 09:45:00 CST 2003

Its actually...

Modify -> Marquee -> Select Inverse  (Ctrl+Shift+I) (( second option in that

now that I've found it...

Thanks guys/gals.


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> You don't know how long I've been looking for this option. I wasn't aware
> that Fireworks had this option. Could you _please_ tell me where it is!
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> If I remember correctly, you can find it under the Modify / Mask / Select
> Inverse

Well isn't that a *silly* place for it  ;)

It's actually Modify/Mask/Reveal Selection (that deletes all the background
and leaves only your selection showing.

What I'd always done in the past is once my selection is selected I'd copy
it and open a new file and paste it in there sans the background.


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