[thelist] google drops the ball

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 10:00:27 CST 2003

Hi rudy,

> maybe it's me, but i'm getting a frame down the
> left containing "Enhanced Results"

I tried your search and a few others (using IE6/Win2K) on Google's .com,
.co.uk and .ca flavours, with and without UA spoofing, but I couldn't see
the enhanced results at all.

I do remember them adding a frame to groups.google.com ages ago, but it had
a link to hide itself at the top - one click on that and I've never seen it
again. You could try browsing to a thread in a newsgroup, clicking "without
frames" and seeing if that removes it from the search results as well.

Out of interest, are the "enhanced" results obviously paid for?

> my initial impression is this "enhanced" feature is
> may drive me to yahoo or alltheweb

Let them know about it - comments at google dot com - I like to think
they're one of the few companies that might actually take notice of user
feedback :-)


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