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> hi.

Hi Chris, I'll reply to what I can only ;)

> 1. what are some guidelines to go by when trying to determine if a
> webserver should be a part of a corporate domain or not? (we only have
> one domain, and one webserver, all are win2k based machines.)

Back in the old days when one had only one domain and no hands-on server,
it was easy. Each part was in its directory and basta (/thisdir and

Now if you want to have shorter names and more ease-of-use,
development-wise, I'd suggest using subdomains for things that belong to
the same company. It gives a sense of consistency.

To go on with my example:

And if I have a completely different "product" to sell, then I'd go for a
completely separated domain name: http://myotherproduct.com

subsites :
- http://www.microsoft.com
- http://msdn.microsoft.com
different product:
- http://www.msn.com
to see what I mean.

I'm not sure I'm clear enough. I'm going home right now.

s t e f
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