[thelist] Newbie Graphic Manipulation [gimp]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Feb 12 11:35:01 CST 2003

Hershel Robinson asked:

>>Anyone have anything positive to say about the Gimp?  I have it in my Win 2K
>>box and I have considered trying to learn it, but from what I have seen
>>today, perhaps it's not worth the time.

Hi Hershel,

Maybe someone who actually uses the thing can better speak to it.

My understanding is that it's a Very powerful image manipulation program.
That's one good thing. The price is hard to beat - that's two.  My *guess*
is that the cost in taking the time to learn how to use it is probably
comparable to any other complex image manipulation program.

I suspect that folks who understand image layers, masking, opacity and the
like (from a practitioner perspective) could probably take to it like ducks
to water.  But my understanding of these things is more theoretical than
practical. For me - I don't think it's the software's fault - I think it's
just my lack of experience in 'thinking in graphics'.

(Today my code skills float ... and my graphic skills sink. Maybe tomorrow?)

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