[thelist] O'Reilly Network's Safari Bookshelf

gabriel rivera evolt at protocol0.com
Wed Feb 12 12:43:01 CST 2003

Its a sweet resource...I've found it to be a worthwhile expense.  I wish it
qualified as full replacement for buying dead-tree tech books, but its
really just a supplement.

The search works well, and that alone is powerful, as you can search all the
books in their db rather that just those you're 'renting'.

The two biggest reasons it doesn't cut it as a full solution:

1) Releases: The tend to lag behind with new releases.  For instance the new
O'Reilly DHTML and Flash MX books still aren't on there.

2) Lag:  The app itself is slow, which is often frustrating when you're
scouring the web for a solution to a problem.

That said, I'm into it.  You get a staggering array of tech books for your

> I was curious if evolt members have used O'Reilly Network's Safari
> Bookshelf <http://safari.oreilly.com/>
> If so, do you find it worth the subscription price?
> Are their wiz bang features they fail to mention on the web site?

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