[thelist] getURL isn't Getting a URL (Flash 4)

shawn allen shawn at alterior.net
Wed Feb 12 13:29:03 CST 2003

quoth Rob Smith:
> Grrr. I'm trying to do just that. here's my last frame in Flash
> Stop
> GetURL("/folder/file.html", window="_blank")

Erm, the statement window="_blank" sets the ActionScript *variable*
named "window" to the value "_blank". I'm not sure if the ActionScript
runtime interprets the return value of an assignment like most other
languages, but it's possible that you're not getting anything back for
that second argument. Try this instead:

GetURL('/folder/file.hml', '_blank');

> The GetURL isn't getting a URL. (yes the file exists in that
> directory, even so, if it didn't, it would open a blank browser window
> with a 404 message.)

Perhaps the standalone Flash player doesn't permit the opening of local
files? Have you tried it with the file:// prefix? Have you tried an
http:// URL?

shawn allen

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