[thelist] google drops the ball

the BAT jp at batworks.com
Wed Feb 12 13:30:01 CST 2003

>having always admired google for their outstanding ability to design usable
>result pages, i am totally aghast at what they've done today
>maybe it's me, but i'm getting a frame down the left containing "Enhanced
>Results" (which incidentally are anything but) and the frame is not
>resizable, which leads to a horizontal scrollbar in the right frame, which i
>friggin HATE
>i cannot right-click and view source in the left frame, nor can i see how
>the frame structure is achieved, because when i view source for the page, i
>don't see a frameset
>i have a suspicion that google is sniffing my browser, which is ie6, because
>this isn't happening in opera 6 or mozilla
>my initial impression is this "enhanced" feature is may drive me to yahoo or
>for reasons i don't wish to go into at the moment, i don't plan to stop
>using ie6, even though the thought has occurred to me from time to time
>comments, anyone?
>in case you're wondering, i was searching for Firebird Database

Odd. Nothing like this in IE 5.1.6 for Mac. Not in either normal Google
search or advanced Google search. But, at that point, I got sucked into
this page, http://firebird.sourceforge.net/, or "Firebird - Relational
Database for the New Millennium", and I'm still there...

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