[thelist] Got ASP? I've got a tree...

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 18:07:01 CST 2003

Ahoy, thelist...

I am in need of an ASP developer for a small family project. I've got an
Access table, half the coding done, and a data plan. But the single page I
need rendered exceeds my ASP abilities. (The minute I have to getrows, I

Here's the deal:

I'm trying to take this static data and render it in pretty much the same
manner using my Access database:


(So, Murray had 2 kids, Alan and Richard, who also had kids and spouses,
etc, descending to your right. Murray had a brother, Albert, directly below
him. Lather, rinse, repeat.)

There are two tables in the new database, Family and Spouses, and broadly I
think it would work like this, although I don't really know what I'm talking


I know the data works as mapped, though, 'cos you can find out more than you
ever wanted to know about me, as well as my parents and siblings, from this
page pulling from my database:


The above is an example of the pop-up that would be created by each entry on
the family tree. I've sort of got that bit under control. Err. I think.

So, I need to hire someone to do the tree for me and probably tidy my
pop-ups. If any soul is interested, please reply offlist with thoughts and
rates on a postcard. Thanks!

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