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Walter S. Hemingway walt at medianetwork.ws
Wed Feb 12 21:40:01 CST 2003

Yes, I actually have everything else in place. The form is processing
through CDONTS. I just need it to go to a different person each time their
name is picked from a regular dropdown list on the form. Well even if there
is an alternative like checking their name in a box. I would prefer the
dropdown list. I have seven different people on the list and they each need
to receive an email if and when their name is chosen.

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Walter S. Hemingway
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Walter S. Hemingway <mailto:walt at medianetwork.ws> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could help me with this one. I have a form
> that I need to have emailed to a different person according to the
> name chosen from a drop down list. I can find no resources to help me
> without. Would an if..else statement work? Anyone?

yes an if..else statement would work. what exactly is it that you're
having trouble with?

here are some questions to get you started...

1. do you know how to send an email via script?
2. do you know how to process a form?
3. do you know what CDONTS is?

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