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Martyn Haigh martyn.haigh at virgincosmetics.com
Thu Feb 13 04:51:01 CST 2003

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I have a piece of software I am customising for work and there are a few
things I'm not too sure about in the methods the original programmer has
made this app:

There is extensive use of the global.asa for application vars (I count
around 70) - these range from defining the DB connection string to defining
what language file to use and whether to log error etc
There is also a load of functions in the global.asa.

What are the implications of this many Application Vars?
Would I be better off changing all the app vars to normal vars and stick
them in an include file on every page?

Is it worth putting functions in the global.asa?
what are the implications of this?

Thank you
Martyn Haigh

Site Developer

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