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Rob Whitener rwhitener at DesignOptions.com
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One thing I have done is to set the visible attribute of elements to
"hidden" by default.  Write a routine that preloads images and set that as
the onLoad handler.  Once the images have finished loading, set all of your
elements to visible.  This is a pretty simplistic way to go about doing it,
but it is very easy to put together.  It is especially easy if you use a
couple of <div> tags to layout your content.  Then all that is necessary is
to access a few <div>'s rather than a hella lot of other tags.



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I make graphic dependent sites. My problem is that the text loads before the
graphics, losing the whole effect of the gui. Anyone help me with a snippet
or something that will load the graphics before the text?
Thanks and have a great day, Breezy.
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