[thelist] Regarding Browser Cam

Browser Cam Info info at browsercam.com
Thu Feb 13 11:36:23 CST 2003

Hi All,

Many of you have tried Browser Cam in the last couple of days.  I posted a
log in

username: evolt
password: evolt

in response to a couple of people's request for site checks.  Please feel
free to use this login as much as you want while it's still up.

But there's one caveat... the login you're using is my personal account, so
although it *says* you'll get an email confirming your order, you actually
won't (I'm getting the email).  You just have to keep clicking the refresh
until your order complete.

Also, if you use it, please email me at info at browsercam.com and let me know
you're using it.

Thanks in advance to everyone who sends me comments.

John Witchel

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