[thelist] SSI (.txt vs .html) + no MySQL

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Fri Feb 14 01:33:01 CST 2003

Howdy 'volters,

I have a 30+ page site for the place I work, (retail). My boss wants me to
start putting up "Products" pages.

Right now, I'm utilizing SSI for a header, "smart" left-hand navigation, and
"smart" bottom navigation. (thanks to some VERY generous help from this

my header SSI is actually a .txt file, while my left and bottom navs are
.html files. (I was experimenting/learning SSI rules, and somehow got both
.txt and .html in my first page, then simply converted the rest of the site
to SSI. So now all pages have mixed Includes files).

Anyways, my question is, does it matter at ALL one way or another what
extensions I use? The only advantage I can see to using .html is I am at
least able to preview the files themselves locally.

But, since I'm going to be adding vastly more pages, I'd like to make sure
I'm doing everything right/consistent throughout the whole thing.

And another question, if anybody has any suggestions;

this site is an Earthlink 'Starter Site', which means I have no MySQL
utilization, which would have made my Products pages *much* simpler to deal
with in the long run.

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions for this?? Gunna be pretty basic

plu #:

Not looking forward to hardcoding ALL these dumb pages. Anything to possibly
make this a little gentler on me? :)

As always, tia folks. Much appreciated,

-Roger Harness

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