[thelist] .htaccess question

Jeroen Sangers evolt at jeroensangers.com
Fri Feb 14 10:15:45 CST 2003

Kevin B. O'Brien <ahuka at ahuka.com> wrote:
> I have been learning about the wonderful uses of .htaccess on a Linux
> server running Apache, but I have a simple question. How the heck do
> you find such files on the server?

The .htaccess files can be placed anywhere on your website and they are
valid for the directory you placed the file in and all its subdirectories,
unless one of these subdirectories has its own .htaccess.


/.htaccess        general file
/index.html       sites main page; general .htaccess is applied
/subdir/          this subdirectory also uses the general file
/test/.htaccess   more restrictive .htaccess file
/test/index.html  test site; restrictive .htaccess is applied

Kind regards,

Jeroen Sangers


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