[thelist] CPU cycles missing !

Sam Carter sam at nativeintelligence.com
Fri Feb 14 10:18:01 CST 2003

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Apologies for how off-topic this may be, I hope someone may have had
experience with symptoms similar to this:

I've got a 1Gb development laptop with IIS 5.0, SQL 2000. I run Outlook,
Dreamweaver, Norton AV. Sometimes it'll run all day just fine.

There are periods when an unidentifiable process will start to hog the
CPU at periodic intervals of about 1 sec. When I'm editing text in any
application (query analyzer, Outlook email, Dreamweaver) it's annoying
side affect slow CPU performance which is very pronounced when I hold
down a key to move the cursor:

8 characters, wait 1/2 sec
8 characters, wait 1/2 sec
8 characters, wait 1/2 sec

I've tried to terminate processes like IIS, SQL, Indexing service.  None
of these seem to affect the problem.  There's no Ethernet activity when
the problem occurs, so I don't believe it's an 'automatic update' for
Norton AV or any other product.

Task monitor doesn't identify any process stealing the CPU and rebooting
the PC always fixes the problem.

Has anyone got a suggestion on how to find the errant process or what it
may be?


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