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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 13:56:01 CST 2003

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> 1) It appears you're not preloading the mouseover images, so
> there's a delay in mousing on and off the tabs.

I've been struggling with this issue a lot. It shouldn't be this
hard! .jeff was kind enough to point me to one of his routines for
doing just this. You can see my js at:


The function is of course, preLoad(). Maybe I've implemented this
wrong? I asked this question before on the list and it went

> 2) On "Fun Stuff" when I click one of the coloring pages links, it
> opens up in a new window and automatically tries to print it.  I'd
> suggest taking out the automatic printing. If I want to print it, I
> can do so.

Hrm...its a coloring printing page. That's its only function. You
can't do anything else with it but look at it...still I can see where
that might be annoying. OTOH I was trying to help...

> 3) When I went to "Lila's Story", I don't know if I'm still in "Fun
> Stuff" or not, because the "Fun Stuff" tab is no longer
> highlighted.
> 4) Same thing as #3 after I submit the contact form.

Good point! I will fix that.

> 5) While it's not a business I anticipate ever needing to use, I
> like the overall look. It seems very appropriate and colorful,
> without being cheesy. (Sparkly? Yes. Cheesy? No)

Phew..that's good to hear, thank you for taking the time!


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