[thelist] beta site check please

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Feb 14 14:22:00 CST 2003

>However, I would really like any opinions and any glitches you see
>brought to my attention. I also have a problem on the Mac with the
>tabs at the top, they wrap after the third tab. I haven't been able
>to figure this out yet. You can see it at:

I agree that it is a nice site, appealing to both target audiences. I think
maybe the About Us link should be more prominent (maybe it should have it's
own tab?). I also agree that the pictures for colouring should not print

Not wanting to start a flame-war (as I realize how important this issue may
be to some people) - is it really necessary to include a biblical quote in
the site? You may want to consider what purpose this will serve, and that
some visitors may not find it appropriate (and some may even find it


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