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Peekstok, Anna Anna.Peekstok at METROKC.GOV
Fri Feb 14 14:25:01 CST 2003

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> http://www.sparklesparties.com/

I wanted to see photos of real little girls wearing the makeup, dresses,
tiaras, etc. so I, as an imaginary parent, could decide whether your ideas
about fun/sparkly vs. scary/inappropriate were a good fit with mine.

Also, I don't think I should have to hunt for the business location and
contact info. In 10 minutes of poking around the site I found only the
"contact us" form, which gives away no information about who will be reading
my message or when, or where they are located. Names, addresses, and phone
numbers would feel a lot more up-front to me, especially with a business
that's going to be hands-on with my (imaginary) daughter.

Finally, when I wanted to leave the contact page and clicked on the "store"
tab, it and the "fun stuff" tab next to it disappeared, and I just sat there
with Explorer's (6.0.26) logo spinning around until I got tired of it and
hit the "back" button.


Anna Peekstok
King County Department of Transportation
Community Relations and Communications
Seattle, WA

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