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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 14:42:01 CST 2003

--- "Peekstok, Anna" <Anna.Peekstok at METROKC.GOV> wrote:
> I wanted to see photos of real little girls wearing the makeup,
> dresses,
> tiaras, etc. so I, as an imaginary parent, could decide whether
> your ideas
> about fun/sparkly vs. scary/inappropriate were a good fit with
> mine.

Ah, you've hit on a big issue. We just got a bunch of the dresses
today, and they are custom made and very unique. While there is a
small picture of a piece of one of the dresses (on the store page) we
so far have decided not to show the dresses. Firstly because the
pictures we have taken never seem to well represent the product.
That's a concern.

Secondly, we like the dresses to be a *surprise* for the girls. There
is a certain "excitement value" when my wife pulls them out that we
would lose if they saw them already - we think.

We do plan on putting up some pics of hairdos and some other stuff,
but again we want to walk that line of surprise and spoiling..its a
touch decision...

> Also, I don't think I should have to hunt for the business location
> and
> contact info. In 10 minutes of poking around the site I found only
> the

Hmm..ok - you are the second person to say this. It appears that at
least two people have missed what I *thought* was a very obvious link
on the home page about this. Does everyone think this is not
prominent enough? Is one of your first thoughts "where are these
guys"? (Do you see the link I am talking about?)

> "contact us" form, which gives away no information about who will
> be reading
> my message or when, or where they are located. Names, addresses,
> and phone
> numbers would feel a lot more up-front to me, especially with a
> business
> that's going to be hands-on with my (imaginary) daughter.

Excellent point! I didn't think about that on the contact page. Our
phone number is on the site in a couple places but not there. I was
thinking "contact form" and blew that one. Thanks.

> Finally, when I wanted to leave the contact page and clicked on the
> "store"
> tab, it and the "fun stuff" tab next to it disappeared, and I just
> sat there
> with Explorer's (6.0.26) logo spinning around until I got tired of
> it and hit the "back" button.

Hmmm..boy that could be anything. The site loads for me fine..anyone
else see this?


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