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Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Fri Feb 14 15:25:00 CST 2003

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From: "Tom Dell'Aringa" <pixelmech at yahoo.com>

>I've been struggling with this issue a lot. It shouldn't be this
>hard! .jeff was kind enough to point me to one of his routines for
>doing just this. You can see my js at:

Everything looks right.  The only suggestions I can think of are:
1) Rename the onload function to be something else (even something like "theOnLoad") [this shouldn't be the problem, though].
2) Maybe put the onload event handler in the body tag instead of as "window.onload = onLoad;".

I don't think either of those 2 will be the problem, but those are the only things I can think of.

>Hrm...its a coloring printing page. That's its only function. You
>can't do anything else with it but look at it...still I can see where
>that might be annoying. OTOH I was trying to help...

It's a pretty minor issue, but it can be annoying (at least to me). Maybe instead of the link saying "Color Lila" say "Print Lila's Coloring Page". Or, find some way to indicate that it will print it.

One option (which I'm not certain as to cross-browser compatibility) is to provide a print button on the coloring page, and have that button not show up on the printed page (using a different CSS for print and screen).


Scott Brady

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