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Ed McCarroll Ed at ComSimplicity.com
Fri Feb 14 15:52:01 CST 2003

> > Great concept, but I couldn't figure out if they serve my locale.
> Ahh..what process did you use to try and find that out? It would be
> helpful to know...

I looked on the home page, the contact page, and the FAQ.  As I was not
yet ready to "Schedule a Party", it didn't occur to me to look there.

If you expect your web traffic to be almost exclusively generated by
word of mouth from satisfied customers, then perhaps this is a non-
issue.  But if someone finds you through a search engine or an email
list, they may well give up.  On your home page, I'd put a "Find Us"
link near the current "Schedule a Party" link.

And I never did find out where you really are; just that you aren't
in California.  The form mechanism seemed a bit cumbersome where a
simple link list would suffice.

Similarly, while I was looking for the "location" info I noticed the
"Become A Hostess" part.  But by I decided that I might actually want
to "Become A Hostess", I had forgotten where it was, and could no
longer find it.  (Another link & FAQ, perhaps...)  Using full screen
mode and 1280 x 1024 resolution, this info is scrolled off the bottom
of the home page.

Then, when I found it and clicked on "Find Out How", it took me to a
page which merely reiterated the "Become A Hostess" content from
which I had just come.  Perhaps it would be cleaner to have an "Ask Us
How" link go straight from the home page to the Contact Us form.  (As
a former school teacher, I was really curious about anything you might
have on your site about how you screen applicants.)

Finally, the gender-specific "hostess" and Bible quote caused me to
wonder if I, as a non-Christian male, would be given fair (and legal)
consideration if I was interested in the job...  (Some people are
sooooooooooo touchy.)  ;-)

Anyhow, that's my $0.02.  I'll look forward to seeing how it evolves.

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