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Ed McCarroll Ed at ComSimplicity.com
Fri Feb 14 16:46:01 CST 2003


I tried to look at your site from the point of view of a potential

> http://www.azuritedesign.com/Ocean%20Suites/

I love the color scheme, especially the misty effect on the photos
at top-left of each page.  But in the interest of being an equal-
opportunity nit-picker:

I went to "Celebrities" first, as it's the first item on the nav;
I quickly assumed a "too ritzy for me" attitude, which was dispelled
when I saw the prices.  After that, I almost missed the Home link
at the far end of the nav; somehow it seems to be the convention
to put it at the beginning.  I tend to interpret a nav as a suggested
order in which to view the pages, and I think the following order
might highlight the selling points more effectively:

Home  Tour  Activities  Events  Celebrities  Rates  Reservations

On the Celebrities page, I found the repetitious use of "(previous
owner of ..." to be distracting.  (Can I lend you an asterisk?)
Part of what stood out was the fact that you put parenthesis around
this description, while you didn't use them for descriptions of the
celebrities, e.g. "famous talk-show hostess" or "one of the original
Power Rangers".

On the tour page, the five suite names were not obviously links.
If any of your intended audience is dumber than I, they won't get
there.  Bright blue text would suck, but making it underlined
might be good, or something ...

In the tours, the photos are lovely, but too small - even in a
800x600 window.

On the rates page, two related items are put far apart; you could

  All Rates subject to both state sales tax and hotel tax.
  State, City, and Hotel tax in Corpus Christi is 15%
  All Rates subject to state sales tax and hotel tax totaling 15%



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