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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Feb 14 21:05:01 CST 2003

Random thoughts in no particular order ..

* I never know what page I'm on .. and I have a terrible time remembering
what link I just clicked .. so now I'm lost ;)
* The large scripty text at the bottom of each page and the large, bold, in
my face, email address really take away from the overall design and
tranquility.  IMHO you've introduced one too many fonts with that scripty
text .. I'd tone it down .. it doesn't need to scream.
* A bit of non-continuity with the shadowing used at the top .. I'd be
inclined to take it off of the menu items altogether as the text isn't so
crisp and clear .. the South Texas' ... seems far too "raised" to me .. I'm
not a huge shadow fan tho.
* Can you find one more pic so that home and celebrities doesn't use the
same pic on the left?
* white bullets I don't think are needed .. they attract too much attention.
* I really like the photo effect you chose .. for the Tour photos, it's
unique and stylish.  I really wish you wouldn't open a new window tho.
* You've introduced another font for the Suite's .. not sure it's necessary,
but I do like this one better than the other one at the bottom.
* Ocean House logos on main site and view photos aren't the same .. but then
they would be if you didn't open a new window and stuck with the same chrome
* Light (neon) blue lines between the text areas .. that blue doesn't blend
with the other colours on the site .. I'd be inclined to choose a darker or
more subtle colour.
*Social events, the last line of text has fallen under the photo on the left
.. looks very out of place (IE 6 win2k 1048x720)
*Use <ol><li> for the numbers on the Celebrities page .. they'll look better
lined up.
*Why is the Celebrities the main page in the menu? The menu should be
reordered in a more logical manner as someone looking to for info about the
B&B.  (Rates, Tour, Reservations, Actives, SE, Celebrities)
*Reservations tells me how to get there .. umm, but how do I make
reservations .. and if I'm wondering how do I get there .. well .. you get
my point :)

Despite all my comments, overall, I really like it .. it's fresh, it's
inviting .. the blue/yellow combination are very soothing and work very well
together.  I rarely give site critiques/reviews, so please holler if
anything is unclear.


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