[thelist] Why does BrowserCam show different colors?

John Witchel jwitchel at colevalleygroup.com
Sat Feb 15 12:36:01 CST 2003

You are correct, the BMP format is the one to use for precise color
analysis.  That format in browsercam.com is set to do 24-bit true color.  It
is bit-for-bit literally what is sent to your screen for display and the
only truely accurate screen capture.  They are large, but you get none of
that lossy fuzzy quality jpeg sometimes produces.

As to your specific question, if you are referring to the green and blue
shades of the window, that is a result of how the local machines are
configured to display the windows envirorment and has nothing to do with
screen image quaility (Browsercam's window bars are blue, your are green).
you can change this by going (on your computer) to Control Panel > Display >
Appearance.  Browsrcam is set to the window defaults.

If you are referring to something else, I don't see it, can you please
highlight the difference and I'll look more closely.


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