[thelist] CSS Image Captions

gabriel rivera evolt at protocol0.com
Sun Feb 16 19:46:01 CST 2003

David wrote,

> Right, but is it possible to use GD functions OR getimagesize() on
> images stored in a CMS?  I don't know, but I kind of doubt it.

Although I don't know your approach to storing the images...it sounds like
you've got them stored as BLOBs (binary fields) inside the db itself.

In my exp.  its usually a better practice to store the images on the
server's file system, and keeping only the images' path and various metadata
in the db.  Then you have a lot more flexibility as far as analyzing and
manipulating the images.

I've never seen a compelling reason to store an image inside the db
itself...although I'd be interested to come across one...anyone have any

You definitely want to avoid steaming the binary out of the db and into a
temp file, its just a kludged extra step, and brings up all sorts of
potential issues.


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