[thelist] nntp web reader

David B. kru_tch at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 18 10:27:00 CST 2003

On 18/02/2003 6:34 AM, Stenitzer Michael wrote:
> hi
> can anybody recommend a relyable nntp web-interface working with cgi (my
> roxen server does not support php or perl modules). would be nice if, the
> reader supports i18n.

Just a reader? That's easy, especially since you want i18n support. Mozilla is
one of the best in that regard (well for a web-interface anyway, personally I
prefer slrn). I'd grab the 1.3b release. Although it says beta, don't fret, the
beta is considerably better than the 1.1 or 1.2 full releases. It has better
filtering with Bayesian filters added recently. I have it supporting all the
European languages, plus the primary Asian ones (Big 8 included).


David Burband

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