[thelist] monitoring and evaluating website bandwidth usage

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Feb 18 14:33:01 CST 2003


we are thinking about moving from an expensive T1 (about 1k/month) to a
slower and much cheaper DSL line (768up/768down, 200/month).

the reason we have a T1 at all is because DSL was not available in our
area when we moved into our new building. now that it is we'd like to
save some money if possible.

what i'm concerned with is that losing half our upload speed will cause
a significant slowdown for our website users (we host in house)
unfortunately i'm not totally sure there will be any affect since i
don't even really know how much bandwidth gets used on a
daily/weekly/monthly basis.

what i'm looking for is some software that can take our logs and create
a comprehensive report detailing our bandwidth usage. right now we use
webtrends (which frankly i'm not fond of but we haven't replaced since
the boss likes it) and i have only played with other webstats packages
(of which i don't remember there names.)

i'm not necessarily looking for a webstats package per se, but rather
something that can report on the bandwidth aspect of the website. i do
understand though that there probably isn't a program that's just
dedicated to bandwidth reporting. if there are any webstats packages out
there that do a good job at reporting bandwidth, i'm all ears.

thanks all the help.


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