[thelist] WMP plugin and Netscape 6.x

Phil Essing essing at vdl2.ca
Wed Feb 19 09:16:01 CST 2003

I've hit a wall and need some help from you experienced media streamers.
I have a page where I need to embed a windows media file (.wmv) and
everything is working perfectly, except in Netscpae 6.x.  The other
platforms use the plugin and play the movie in the embedded player (IE
5, IE6, NN7, NN4.x - MAC, PC) without issue, while Netscape 6.x invokes
the external Windows Media Player, instead.  I suspect this is a server
issue because I don't have this problem when viewing streams on other
sites, with Netscape 6.x.  Could this be a MIME-TYPE issue?

Thanks in advance.


Phil Essing
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