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Michael Robertson mike at mikeemedia.com
Fri Feb 21 14:15:01 CST 2003

I appreciate you trying to help.

View the files live at http://demo.10kaday.com/default.asp
The first file I asked about is when you click on the link lableled "Already
Registered" or "Log On" or "Register Now". There is a layer at the bottom of
the screen that contains 1 or 2 buttons. These 2 buttons don;t show up in
IE4. Virtually every other element of the page is using css positioning
sucessfully however.

the css file is at http://demo.10kaday.com/global/10kday.css

the css file is quite large, hence the second part of my question. Would
appreciate any suggestions,help, etc.


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> --- Michael Robertson <mike at mikeemedia.com> wrote:
> > This is one that won't show up unless i put it inline
> <snip>
> Given the fact you are using absolute positioning and z-indexes and
> possibly some other complicated code, its really hard to say from the
> small amount you posted what is going on.
> The best way to post problems like these are to link us to a sample
> page of what is going on and to where the CSS file is so people can
> actually take a look at it live. You've honestly given too little
> info for anyone to really help :)
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