[thelist] mod_rewrite redirection question

Edward George ed at suppose.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 06:30:01 CST 2003

A question about mod_rewrite on Apache1.3(linux) with rewrite rules
applied in the virtual hosts configuration:

I'm trying to rewrite a url ...co.uk/search?q=search_term (generated by
a html get form) to

at current i've been trying this rule in the virtual host configuration:

RewriteRule /search\?q=(.*) /search/$1 [R]

This however does not appear to be working but seems a correct regular
expression, does anyone have any pointers as to where i might be going
wrong with it?

(I'm using the r flag because i would like the rewritten url to show in
the browser address)

Thanks again,

Ed, Suppose, Nottingham UK.
ed at suppose.co.uk

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