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Mon Feb 24 12:52:01 CST 2003

On Monday, February 24, 2003 10:37 AM -0800 Ed McCarroll
<Ed at ComSimplicity.com> wrote:

> So I used array_key_exists().  But it works fine for my partner.
> Is there a switch or something?

You are probably using error_reporting(E_ALL) (this can be set with the
function call or in php.ini) while your partner is probably using E_ALL
& ~E_NOTICE which won't show the Notice: messages like the one you
pointed out.

E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE is the default PHP setting, so if he hasn't changed
it manually (by using php.ini-recommended, changing the value in
php.ini himself, or using error_reporting(E_ALL) in his code) then
that's what he has.

Side note: I find myself unable to use E_ALL because having to use
array_key_exists all the time is so awkward. It's like having to check
everything for null pointers in Java, and if I wanted to do that I'd
just use Java instead and get the benefits of better OO and real
exception handling :).



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